Terrific Traveling Adventures – Accessibility is the Key

By Meenu Sikand

CEO  & Founder of Accessibility for All

On a late Friday evening, a few friends and I decided a night out with no previous planning. We plan to stop over at harbor front while enjoying some street food. Hot dogs and veggie buns were on the menu. Just then, I thought wait a second what about accessible transit bookings.

Since no previous bookings were made, my friends and I decided to use the go and a streetcar. Now for the real surprise “Everything” was accessible. Yes, you heard that right not once did I have to step out of my customized power chair. Just get on the ramp.

I have seen a lot of people use para transit services as an option for travel which is a great option if you’re not feeling unto speed with driving but, wouldn’t think again no booking, no pick up window, and the best of all, no planning and a super spontaneous trip with the company of your family and friends.

From go to the elevator and to streetcars, the accessibility was superb and barrier free. What’s more? Made some friends along the way in a casual conversation. A saying comes to mind when I see accessibility barriers turning into inclusion and freedom “Sky is the limit” and we should all try to reach for the sky in our own capacity.

So when you don’t feel like driving and planning pick up those house keys and go go go to the GO because, accessible Canada now has accessible public transit system that is finally ready for everyone in all situations

Have a read about accessibility on the GO https://www.gotransit.com/en/travelling-with-us/accessibility


Accessibility: Travelling with Us: GO Transit


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