Subject line: Canada Post’s Delivery Accommodation Program ensures everyone can access their mail and parcels

Do you or someone you know require assistance to access mail and parcels due to a functional limitation?

Canada Post strives to remove barriers to mail delivery through its Delivery Accommodation Program. The program provides accommodations to support residential customers whose functional limitations, or health conditions impact their ability to retrieve mail and parcels from their mailbox.

Accommodation requests are assessed on a case-by-case basis and are available to customers in rural, urban and suburban areas. Accommodations can be provided year-round, temporarily or on a seasonal basis. Examples include:

  • Mailbox key turner
  • Sliding mail tray
  • Mailbox compartment adjustment
  • Mailbox braille markings
  • Weekly home delivery

To learn more about Canada Post’s Delivery Accommodation Program and other accessibility initiatives or to submit a request for yourself or on behalf of someone else, visit or call 1-844-454-3009.

If you know someone who may benefit from this program, please share this email with them.

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